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Volunteer Abroad Programmes

There are many benefits to volunteering abroad but volunteering with Code Camp in our specially designed programmes can provide you with a time where you are not only volunteering but have also had the chance to culturally engage with the people there.

By volunteering with Code Camp, you have the chance to engage in cultural festivities during your visit and also to explore areas of the city and towns nearby!

You will also gain an award and a certificate for your hard work and dedication on your volunteering experience with Code Camp, a registered charity, which is an invaluable asset for your future.

Volunteer with Code Camp

Volunteering abroad with Code Camp will allow you to give back to the world and gain a wide variety of skills!


Why Volunteer with Code Camp

Personal & Professional Benefits

Personal Benefits
  • New friendships
  • Strong bonds
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Cultural awareness
  • Unique experience Fun!
Professional Benefits
  • Fantastic experience
  • Networking
  • Language skills
  • Teamwork Management

Brilliant Weekend Experiences

  • Mountain climbing at Chotila Hill/Girnar
  • Visiting Rani ki Vav (Queen’s Stepwell), World Heritage Site
  • Visiting Ahmedabad, World Heritage City
  • Visiting the holy Swaminarayan Temple
  • A wildlife experience at Asiatic Lions
  • Relaxing at Khirsara Palace
  • Visiting the Ramakrishna Ashram