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Code Camp Program

Providing students with the opportunity to learn
how to code offers the lasting benefits of building 21st-century skills.

Code Camp Hour

A one-hour introduction to 21st-century coding skills, to show students that anybody can learn to code and enhance their knowledge in the field of computer science. With Code Camp Hour activities, students learn how to code in a fun and enjoyable way.

The Code Camp Hour model is flexible and can be adapted to suit you and the children. Students design and develop projects with a Code Camp expert. Code Camp Hour can run anywhere with computers, internet access, and adequate space; for example, at a school, a library or a community center.

There is no need for the school staff to be expert in programming : 

  • Code Camp hour is 2 hours long
  • Class size ranges from 15 to 20 students
  • Individual progress monitoring
  • End of Code Camp Hour certificate from CODE CAMP

Code Camp Modular Program


Tutor-led classes to introduce new concepts in coding, with hands-on lessons covering sequencing, repetition and variable skills, aided by our specially designed resources. Students will develop playable projects at the end of this level.


Tutor-led classes to introduce concepts of coding, with hands-on examples, based on the skills learned at ‘Beginner’ level and leading into selection and Boolean operator skills. Students develop their thinking and imaginative skills with specially designed Code Camp resources. They develop their own project through practice and experimentation.


The Advanced class is tutor-assisted and, through group sharing and discussion, provides solutions to more challenging coding concepts and the creation of a collaborative project. Students develop their project with a complete skill matrix, using specially designed Code Camp resources, their thinking, and imaginative skills.

Structure of Delivery


12 weekly classes per term, each class is 2 hours long


Class size ranges from 15 to 20 students


Individual progress monitoring


End of program certificate from CODE CAMP