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Find out How to get Involved and Start a Camp!

Code Camp At Your School

  • By carrying out the Code Camp projects at your school, children can learn how to create games and animations through programming using our tailor-made resources.
  • Our awesome volunteers can help with the session; they can also train supervising teachers so that they can run sessions themselves.
  • With our extensive support, it is easy to start running a Code Camp at your school.

Basic Requirement From School

  • A member of staff to supervise the sessions; they do not need to have any previous coding knowledge
  • A classroom space which is safe and suitable for children
  • Access to computers for the children to use
  • Access to the software and a way of printing resources for the children
  • Permission from parents/guardian to attend the Camp
  • Code Camp must be free of charge
  • Sessions should run for one hour, once a week

Support from Code Camp

  • We will connect you to one of our amazing volunteers/local co-ordinators who can guide you through the entire process
  • ‘We will provide free resources which include step-by-step guides on how to program’
  • Free f‘face-to-face’ or online training sessions for staff
  • Attend our Code Camp events where you can
      1.Meet other code camp hosts
    2.Connect with the wider school community
    3.Network and become a part of the Code Camp Family

Register It’s easy!

Create an account for your school
We will then contact you to create your individual Code Camp plan
You now have access to all the free resources!